Wall of love

800+ coaching sessions later... Here’s what twenty members have to say:
The onboarding process was seamless, and the mentoring session was superb. Kruti provided helpful structure while giving me the freedom to discuss what was most important to me. I can't wait for Call #2!
I’ve always been the kind of person who was different and wanted more. I had to push through a lot of negativity and limiting beliefs of myself to get to where I am today. I set goals 10x high, so that I can go above and beyond. I want to meet and be around more people who think like that, too. When I first heard about twenty, it felt like the right place to meet ambitious and extraordinary people. Joining twenty has opened so many doors for me and connected me with people who want to change the world.
What stood out most to me was the twenty mentors' sincerity in giving me actionable, specific, & inspiring advice. As someone entering a competitive industry, having a sneak peek into the "wish I had knowns" has made for extremely valuable conversations. twenty has also helped me establish my personal brand and create a long-term vision for my twenties.
@hullokimi If you’re in your twenties and were impacted by layoffs and are looking for a mentor, consider TWENTY! Outside of being a member, I’m in no way affiliated with this company. I just think it’s a great resource and had to share 🤭 #techlayoffs #jobhunting #inmytwenties ♬ original sound - KIMI
Approaching my senior year in college, I felt like life and adulting were coming so fast. There was so much I worried about... Now I’ve met so many mentors on twenty who have given me clarity on applying to business school, finding work-life balance, and more. This year, I’m hoping to build a personal brand and video game amongst other things. I couldn't be more excited to continue using Twenty to help achieve that.
As someone who isn't well versed in topics like interview skills, networking, and maintaining an online presence, having a mentor who is experienced in those things is very helpful. Not only do I get to learn new ideas but I am also about to have a better sense of direction and create clear goals.
twenty has given me insanely valuable advice on bringing my product to the right people, pivoting my side hustle, and asking the right questions about my goals. Whether you're looking to grow your business through actionable steps or glean insight into the "big picture" of your twenties, twenty can help.
There is no playbook for your twenties. It's a time period rife with doubt, angst, and a general feeling of "What am I doing?" twenty has helped me chart a path forward for my career, build a network, and balance professional and personal growth. I highly recommend twenty to anyone in the "defining decade." The older we get, the more we discover what we know and what we still have left to learn.
@hannagetshired Building professional relationships will open more doors in your career than any job application ever will. Building those relationships is easy with @twenty.team #twenty #professionalnetwork #buildingrelationships #findajob #mentorship #careeradvice #findajob #careertiktok #professionaladvice ♬ original sound - hanna gets hired
I enjoyed the low-stress, informal setting for the conversation and loved how genuinely enthusiastic my mentor was in guiding and mentoring younger students. We talked about things beyond college and careers and shared on personal experiences.