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twenty is a near-peer mentorship platform, so we prioritize applicants in their late twenties to mid-thirties
It felt good helping out a fellow twenty something who is going through something I went through a few years ago! It felt like I was reassuring my past self.
Shivani M.
Design strategist
It was amazing meeting a mentee that I could see so many parts of myself in. The matching process for my first call was awesome, and I was surprised by how much we could cover in 30 minutes simply because we were intentionally matched and also had a lot of information about each other in advance.
Kruti M.
Consulting ->
I had a great call with my mentee. She's so ambitious and disciplined and was asking very thoughtful questions. You can tell she came prepared and was willing to listen to suggestions and advice. Overall, having these conversations has been a great way to connect to people that might be on my same path. Hopefully I can make someone's else decisions just a bit easier.
James E.
Athlete -> Sales
My mentee seemed to genuinely value the conversation. She even mentioned, "No one has asked me these types of questions before". Feeling like you are bringing something new to the table for them helps a lot with a feeling of being valued/rewarded as a mentor.
Chase D.
Product, Personal Finance, Relationships
It was very fulfilling to know I could provide my mentee with tools he might need to make his next decision (hopefully a more informed one). I realised that, had I known more around certain topics at his age, I might have opted for another career trajectory. Our conversation was candid and honest. It ran a few minutes past the end, but I was happy to know I was providing him with useful insights.
Sibylle G.
Architect -> startups -> founder
It was pretty wild how similar in life stage my mentee and I were. He and his partner have been struggling with committing too much time to others and not designing their decisions around what they themselves want. I recommended that they do two exercises out of the house, on a date: (1) come up with 3 things to optimize for over the next 30 years, individually and collectively. (2) list 10 things together that they want for themselves, not based on what external pressures are pushing them to want.
Eric I.
Passionate about human-centered products and creating exceptional experiences for people to connect

Share what you’ve learned,
in work and in life

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Share the meaningful moments, milestones, and experiences that have shaped your journey, personally and professionally
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Abby R.
🌏 US Diplomat, prev Product Manager + Consultant
💸 Personal finance
💡 Product
😎 Consulting
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Some of the questions that come up in our conversations with potential members.

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What is twenty?

twenty is a coaching and community platform designed to help you navigate life and career crossroads

Is this a volunteer opportunity?

Yes! But if you want, you can also set your own hourly rate and charge for certain in-depth, specialized sessions (like GRE/GMAT tutoring or mock case study interviews). Totally up to you!

What is the application process?

Apply here, and if there’s a fit, we’ll invite you to a 1:1 interview with our team. The full process typically takes 1-2 weeks.

What are the requirements to become a mentor?

Since twenty is a near-peer mentorship platform, most mentors are between the ages of 27—35. We look for accomplished leaders across industries who are hungry to give back and help others make more informed career and life decisions. Past mentorship or teaching experience is required.

What’s the time commitment?

At least 2 hours per month (four 30-min sessions). The more time you invest in twenty, the greater impact you’ll create.

How many members will I meet? Will I meet the same member multiple times, or new people every month?

Totally depends! Some of our members want to build longer-term relationships on twenty, while others are seeking one-off guidance and inspiration from multiple people.

How does the matching process work?

It’s typically member-driven. Members explore our directory and directly request a session with you if they’re interested. You can then approve / deny / ask to reschedule if needed.

What kinds of backgrounds do twenty mentors have?

Diverse across industries: finance, consulting, engineering, product, startups, VC, design, etc. Mostly US-based but we welcome folks from outside the US and do have mentors in India, Tel Aviv, and London, just to name a few.

Can I add my twenty mentor experience to my LinkedIn profile / resume?

Yes, please do! Here’s an example of how one of our amazing mentors, Eric, has done it.

Do I need to be a certified coach to mentor on twenty?

Nope! But we do require all mentors to complete our proprietary training course before their first session on twenty. If you’re already a certified coach, that’s a bonus!

twenty helps young adults navigate their  twenties,  personally and professionally

twenty is a near-peer mentorship platform, so we prioritize applicants in their late twenties to mid-thirties